A love potion is a magical drink that makes the person who sips it fall in love. Love potions are as old as the world, in ancient civilizations potions were frequently used to get people to fall in love. We’re used to seeing love potions in mythology, literature, and fairy tales but most people are rather skeptical about the effectiveness of such mixtures. Are you wondering if love potions actually work or not?

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Potions are liquids that are used to cast spells. They’re often meant to be drunk, but you can use them in your ritual bath, to anoint objects on your altar, to diffuse into the air, or to rub on your body. Some potions are meant to be made and then discarded for magical reasons. In that case, the entire spell was probably cast during the potion-making process.

Magical Love Intentions

If you make a love potion intending to make someone love you forever, you’ll run into some difficulties if you ever decide that you want to end that relationship. You don’t want to end up with a stalker.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when you’re setting the intention for your love potions.

Consider keeping your love intention extremely general. You may not want to focus on a specific person, just in case you discover he or she is wrong for you down the road. I personally don’t like to limit the ways the universe (or whatever power you use in your witchcraft) can deliver my result. Sometimes magic will throw something way better than what you imagined at you!

Create a reversal for the love magic before you make the potion. Keep everything you need to reverse the magic on hand because feelings can shift quickly!

Use intentions that are bound by time, such as a potion that is effective for one lunar cycle. That gives you more control because you can choose to perform the spell again for the next lunar cycle to renew it. If you’re not happy with the results, you can let the magic run its potions, psychic, love portion, how to make a love potion, love potions that really work, real love potion, love potion spell, love potion drink, love potions that work, love potion recipe, magic spells and potions

You might want to perform love magic with intentions that bring about romantic situations rather than conjuring up love itself. You can make a potion to get someone to think of you, a potion to get someone to go on a date with you, or a potion to increase any romantic feelings that are already shared between the both of you.

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